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We want to give you a great shopping experience but more importantly, we would love to hear how your little ones are getting on with the shoes you purchased from I Adore Little Feet. So please do write to us at customer@iadorelittlefeet.com with any feedback.  If you would like to email a photograph of your little one with the shoes you purchased then we would be delighted to see your child in them and to learn about what those shoes have been getting up to!

Here is some Happy Feet feedback from happy customers:

L Pozza from Thiene, Italy on 30 October 2017 says:

"Fortunately the shoes are good for my kids and they are beautiful! I will surely buy again on your store!"

S Etienne from London, UK on 3 October 2017 says:

"Your website has a great selection of shoes!"

T Narasimhan from Florida, USA on 23 November 2016 says:

"Thank you greatly! We received the sandals. They are lovely. Super happy. ☺️"

P Bush from London, UK on 4 November 2016 says:

"I had two compliments on the boots at the school gates and passed on the website details! Fingers crossed they love it all as much as we do!! 👍"

L Horton from Stapleford, England on 29 September 2016 says:

"The shoes are great.  Nice to find a company selling something other than what is on the high street at competitive prices."

S Sinclair from Henrico, USA on 20 September 2016 says:

"I received the shoes a little while ago, and they are just perfect.  ...They fit her great, and the quality is fantastic.  They arrived quickly, and overall it was a great shopping experience.  I will be purchasing from you again!"

J Hocking from Winchester, England on 2 September 2016 says:

"The boots have arrived safely and are beautiful!  Thank you for such a fantastic service."

J de Zutter from Moere, Belgium on 8 June 2016 says:

"We have the tan sandals ordered from your site also the blue ones and we like it! We are so glad from your services!"

C Agius from Melbourne, Australia on 15 June 2016 says:

"Anna loves her brown boots! She wont let me put any other shoes on now and she even wanted to sleep with them the night they arrived. Lucky I got them in 3 sizes!"

M Kumanovski from New South Wales, Australia on 14 June 2016 says:

"The shoes we bought from you are beautiful, very happy with them."

K Perlin from Los Angeles, USA on 7 March 2016 says:

"Thank you so much! Great service and we love the shoes!!! I will be shopping again very soon!"

M Leewis from Zoetermeer, Holland on 11 January 2016 says:

"Beautiful grey ballerina shoes, perfect for every little girl. The shoes fit all outfits, cute with a dress, skirt or jeans. We love the shoes, how they fit and the look.  Thank you so much!"

B Lavey from New York, USA on 14 December 2015 says:

"Our order arrived today!  Not only are the shoes beautiful but it was packaged with such care.  Thank you so much!  I look forward to ordering again very soon!"

R Cunningham from Leicester, England on 16 November 2015 says:

"Just wanted to say how gorgeous the Zecchino d'Oro boys blue hightops I bought are - they are the softest most adorable little shoes ever!"

S Lightfoot from Cumbria, England on 7 October 2015 says:

"Many thanks for your email alerting me to your restock!  Totally appreciate it - what brilliant customer service.  I purchased this morning!"

L Kennedy from South Carolina, USA on 6 September 2015 says:

"We love love love our new shoes!  Thank you so much for all your help...they fit perfectly!"

C Cluley from Oxford, England on 13 August 2015 says:

"I love your shop!  So many gorgeous shoes for little ones.  My favourite new discovery!"

J Valdala from Alkimos, Western Australia on 13 July 2015 says:

"I received the shoes and they are amazing!  Love every one of them, thank you!"

He loves them and even my husband was amazed over their quality. I love how soft and comfortable they are, absolutely perfect for the tiny baby feet! - See more at: http://baby-jungle.com/#sthash.r5ASvscH.dpuf
He loves them and even my husband was amazed over their quality. I love how soft and comfortable they are, absolutely perfect for the tiny baby feet! - See more at: http://baby-jungle.com/#sthash.r5ASvscH.dpuf

J Grosvenor from Thames Ditton, England on 9 July 2015 says:

"His new shoes look gorgeous and not a minute's rubbing.  We will be regular customers now!"

M Amorella from New York, USA on 30 May 2015 says:

"Mary Cate's been wearing them every day!  They are gorgeous and I just love how they're made. It makes such a difference wearing well made shoes!"

 E Hunter from Charleston, USA on 24 April 2015 says:

"I have long loved the look of European shoes and honestly would have had my boys wear them based on their classic appearance alone. So, it was a pleasant surprise, especially for my boys, that the Clarys boots and Ocra boots I received are made from the softest leather we've felt. My six year old calls his Ocra boots his "butter boots" because they are so comfortable. It is so nice to not have to sacrifice comfort for style.  Thank you for all your help with sizing. It has been a pleasure!"

A Mumme from Hampton, England on 26 February 2015 says:

"Ours came this morning and they are the best fitting shoe my daughter has tried on yet!  So happy with them and so glad you sell such nice classic shoes!!"

J Brown from Charleston, USA on 24 February 2015 says:

"The shoes are even more beautiful in person and so unbelievably soft!  My son wears them with no socks and his heels don't blister like they do with other shoes.  These will definitely be our Spring/Summer go to shoes!" 

M Amorella from New York, USA on 14 February 2015 says:

"The shoes arrived today and they are beautiful!!  So thankful for your assistance and your wonderful collection of shoes!  Looking forward to future purchases!"

I Vilain from Warwickshire, England on 17 January 2015 says:

"Already waiting for summer and feet to grow...they love them! Thanks!"

L Cable from Herefordshire, England on 30 December 2014 says:

"Just to say I received the shoes this morning - thank you for such fast delivery!  I didn't expect it to be so quick!  I am in love...they are superb...Definitely a website I will be bookmarking to check on."

N King from Sheffield, England on 29 December 2014 says:

"Stunningly smart and beautifully made, the Clarys brown boots are my favourite yet (and I have a bit of a children's shoe obsession!).  Crafted from gorgeous, soft leather with durable non-slip soles, they add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit - smart or casual - and will be well worn and loved for several months yet. We will definitely be ordering more in the future."

J Ritacco from Rhode Island, USA on 23 December 2014 says:

"We have received our shoes and are thrilled with them! Thank you!"

N Viash-Taylor from Ebabee Likes on 18 November 2014 says:

The shoes are soft are are lined with fur making them very warm and cosy.  The orange colour is bright enough to please a child but not so bright as to clash with everything.  In fact the colour is quite unusual and hard to describe but I would call it a muted rusty orange that really can be worn with anything. I Adore Little Feet have the sweetest kids boot collection I've seen in a long time."

N Reeuwijk from Amsterdam, Holland on 13 November 2014 says:

"The shoes are just gorgeous, thanks!  I'll definitely be a returning customer!"


I Forbes from Les enfants a Paris, France on 13 November 2014 says:

"Alexander loves these boots as they are blue, his favourite colour! Ocra is such an amazing brand! Love the designs and the quality of the leather! Thanks again for the great customer service. I will definitely buy from your shop again."


G Skinner (age 8) from Woodford Green, Essex on 2 November 2014 says:

"My Manuela de Juan Robine shoes are so comfortable, flexible and they're great for running, jumping and for special occasions.  I have worn them about 7 times and I only got them a few days ago!  I love them lots!  Great shoes!!"

A Colorado from Los Angeles, USA on 26 October 2014 says:

"My daughter loves' em!  Thank you for your amazing customer service.  You know I'll be back for more Pepes!"

L Krigstein from West Sussex, England on 25 October 2014 says:

"Thank you so much for the AMAZING shoes which my three year old daughter loves and has been wearing nearly every day since she received them.  I want some too but my feet are too big!"


L Logue from Greenwich, London on 18 October 2014 says:

"Those Clarys navy trainers are gorgeous!"

S Wilkins from Bickley, Kent on 16 October 2014 says:

"Our daughter loves her new silver Naturino hightops.  I love them because they go with everything and are hardy enough for warmer days.  People are always commenting on them from - cool, pretty, sparkly to snazzy!  So many adults say they wish they had a pair of boots like them!"

N King from Sheffield, England on 10 October 2014 says:

"My son loves his Petit Shoes t-bars!  The t-bars are so lovely as a boy's alternative to the Mary Jane shoe for girls.  He even puts them on by himself."

S Croft from Hampshire, England on 8 October 2014 says:

"These trainers are fantastic! Our 3 year old loves them and can easily get them on and off by himself.  They look great and go with everything.  We have received many compliments on them from friends and we would definitely recommend them."


K Chau from Hong Kong on 17 September 2014 says:

"Thank you so much for delivering the shoes in person. I was going to give up on the shoes as time was tight that my hubby would fly off the next morning! The shoes are beautiful and the leather is so soft, hope they have adult size!"


E Bychkova from Auckland, New Zealand on 5 September 2014 says:

"Today we’ve received them. Shoes are really nice!! We like it so much! Thank you very much for good service!"

A Ruivo from Docklands, London on 8 August 2014 says:

"Love, love, love my daughter's new gold shoes from Zecchino d'Oro!"


P Bush from Lewisham, London on 2 August 2014 says:

"I purchased the navy Crios suede Mary Janes for my daughter.  They are beautifully well made shoes and look great on!"

S Wilkins from Bickley, Kent on 4 July 2014 says:

"I bought the Petit Shoes sandals for my 2 and a half year old. She often says "I want to wear my pretty sandals, look at my pretty sandals" so I know that she is happy and comfortable wearing them."

MC Lennon from Chislehurst, Kent on 14 June 2014 says:

"The Crios Mary-Jane blue suede shoes are really beautifully made, durable and extremely versatile. Most of all my two year old daughter loves them! I would highly recommend these shoes."

G Skinner (aged 8) from Woodford Green, Essex on 8 June 2014 says:

"The Maá blue sandals are very comfortable and stylish.  They make your feet look good and your fantastic outfits even more amazing."

L Logue from Greenwich, London on 26 April 2014 says:

"I bought my 20 month old son the Clarys brown trainers.  They are great.  I love the soft leather but also the thickness and support they offer, and of course, they look super cute!"


P Bush from Lewisham, London on 24 April 2014 says:

"Bought my two year old daughter the Zecchino d'Oro gold sandals for a recent trip to Australia. They are stunningly beautiful but also very comfortable and supportive and have held up to heavy use from a highly active toddler. Very pleased and will definitely be back for more!"


J Weis from Chislehurst, Kent on 23 April 2014 says:

"Bought my baby girl her first walking shoes, Crios, from I Adore Little Feet. As the first steps are very significant I was looking for comfort, design and best quality. Highly recommend I Adore Little Feet."



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