Sizing Guide

Children's feet grow, on average, two to three sizes each year until the age of five. After the age of five, feet grow on average one to two sizes each year.

Shoes should be checked regularly for sizing as children may not always be able to communicate their discomfort from wearing a poor fitting shoe. Buy shoes that support a child's foot but are not too tight. To ensure the shoe is not too tight there should be about a thumb's width of space between the end of the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Please ensure you measure both of your child's feet and take the larger of the two measurements as your guide for choosing the appropriate size.

Below is a link to a printable sizing guide we have prepared to assist you with measuring your child's feet in the comfort of your home. It is very straight forward and will help you choose the right size shoe with confidence.  Then you can browse and shop with leisure (and no queues!) from home and find the shoes that you would like your little one to wear.

For shoes that will be worn with socks or tights, we recommend that you measure your child's feet with these on to ensure a proper fit.  We recommend that socks should be of a high natural fibre content to allow your child's feet to breathe.

All the shoes available on I Adore Little Feet are made from soft and flexible leather to allow your child's feet to breathe. Natural materials, such as leather, are always better than synthetics to allow your child's feet to breathe and to give flexibility when your child is active and the feet swell in the heat.  Moreover, many of our models have adjustable straps across the arch of the foot to ensure an ever better fit.

We hope you will find our printable sizing guide helpful and easy to use but should you have any questions, please contact us at customer@iadorelittlefeet.com. Remember that we offer free returns from the UK if you should be unhappy with the fit of the shoe.

Please download our sizing guide here.

Happy measuring and happy shopping! 


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