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All the brands in our shop have been chosen by us because they offer the best in style, quality and comfort for your child's feet.  Read on to learn more about these lovely brands from Spain, Italy and France. 

Beberlis is a Spanish family-run business in Villena that started manufacturing shoes 30 years ago.  They put a lot of care into producing high quality footwear in top leathers and strive to innovate, improve and seek excellence in every new model.


Clarys is a Spanish children’s footwear manufacturer that represents great quality and beautiful designs. It was founded in 1991 and is still a family run business. Clarys only use natural materials in order to create the highest quality footwear for children. All their shoes are so affordably stylish, comfortable and practical that they can be worn as a formal shoe or for just looking gorgeous every day!


Crios is a Spanish children’s shoe brand that has been designing and manufacturing shoes since 1968. They strive to make shoes that all parents would like to see their children in with the best in design, quality and materials – and all at reasonable prices. Crios believe in designing shoes that allow free movement, protection at the most delicate points of the foot, comfort and style. It is a brand that is endorsed by the University of Alicante for all their continued work in designing good quality children’s footwear. Lovely shoes and great value!


Eli1957 is a widely recognised Spanish children’s footwear company that has been manufacturing shoes since 1957 and is now managed by the third generation of the same family.  Eli1957 recognise the importance assigned to the growth and health of children's feet and manufacture the three lines in each collection using high quality leather, materials and processes. Eli1957 is the favourite of the young princesses in the Spanish Royal Family and often feature in the Spanish press.  Eli1957 also manufacture shoes for some other well known brands such as Burberry, Nanos, Marie Chantal and Bonnet a Pompon. We are big fans of their beautiful styles!


MAÁ is a Spanish sister company to Manuela de Juan which was founded in 2001 and has a passion for vibrant colours and the most stylish designs. With great care they select the best raw materials for their shoes and are always spot-on with the latest trends in styles and colours. Their fashionable shoes have been photographed on the kids of Angelina Jolie, Reese Withespoon and Gwen Stefani.  We love the modern designs and the vibrant colours, which seem to complement any outfit!


Manuela de Juan is a beautiful Spanish footwear brand manufacturing shoes since 1970 that offers classic soft leather shoes for young girls. They are expertly made with a colourful contemporary twist and with the softest leather to ensure a comfortable fit. Their shoes have been photographed on the little'uns of Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. We love the classic styles and the pretty colours from Manuela de Juan!


Naturino is a well-known Italian manufacturer that has been a leader in the children’s footwear industry for more than 30 years. They design and manufacture shoes using the latest technical innovation together with a passion for detail and style. Falcotto from Naturino is specifically designed for early walkers. Their shoes combine style with the well-being of the child’s feet, using the softest leather. We love the colours and the vast collection of lovely designs from Naturino!


Ocra is an eco-friendly shoe brand manufactured in the Le Marche region of Italy which combines classic chic with retro influences while respecting the environment.  More than 80% of an Ocra shoe is made using sustainable materials.  Each shoe is intricately handmade by Italian craftsmen using cork or natural latex soles and the softest skin-friendly vegetable-tanned leathers which will age beautifully and give comfort to a growing child's foot.  In keeping with their eco-philosophy, each shoebox contains a sachet of seeds for planting with the idea of teaching our children and us to give a little back to nature.  Finally a sleek, chic, eco high quality luxury shoe line for kids that we love!


The PèPè children’s shoe collection was started by the dynamic duo Paola and Dario Pizzetti and has been manufacturing children shoes since the 1970s. Their desire to see a specific kind of shoe, previously unavailable in the childrenswear market, led them to combine tradition, skill and passion to create beautiful shoes. The result was an instantly recognisable brand that epitomises simplicity, harmony and masterful handcrafted workmanship. Great importance is given to researching and experimenting with both colour and unusual materials of the very best quality. Made in Italy, their shoes perfectly mix retro and contemporary details, making them very personal and unique.


Petit Shoes is a Spanish manufacturer of children’s shoes that has been designing and making shoes since 1968. In 2012 it was acquired by Crios, another brand that we love at I Adore Little Feet.  Since that date their philosophy has been one of producing good quality shoes to allow flexibility and resistance for a child’s foot in keeping with the latest trends in footwear. Great affordable leather styles!


Pom d'Api has been manufacturing quality shoes since 1870 and children shoes since 1973. More than a century of tradition means that Pom d'Api are experts in realising the importance of shoes that fit comfortably and the importance of attention to detail.  From the initial sketch to the finished product, each shoe requires more than 200 steps in the manufacturing process.  It's the story of one family in France from Vendee that spans generations from the founder to the current founder's great grandsons.


Zecchino d'Oro is a family run business founded over more than 50 years ago which manufactures shoes in the Le Marche region of Italy.  Each shoe is a striking handmade masterpiece using the finest softest leather, worked with great skill in a refined and contemporary style.  Each collection Zecchino d'Oro produce is vast and varied in styles. We love the styles and the amazing luxurious quality of Zecchino d’Oro!

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